Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pearl tells Iowa, "thanks but no thanks"...is Stallilngs next?

Pearl staying in Knoxville. Surprised? With two high profile openings in the SEC and two in the Big Ten is it time for Gee and Williams to lock Stallings up?

I personally think both SEC jobs are out of the question (although Arkansas might call if Billy G. turns them down), but Michigan and Iowa are certainly ones to keep an eye on. Historically, Michigan has had poor facilities and don't paid their coaches squat. With that said, ESPN's Andy Katz insists that Stallings is very much on a short list for that job.

As far as Iowa goes, what does it same about the state of that program when Steve Alford left Iowa and the Big Ten for New Mexico and the Mountain West? Given what Vanderbilt has on the horizon, is that really somewhere Stallings would rather be?


Stanimal said...

According to an article in the Des Moines Register, Steve Alford said that one of the primary reasons why he left Iowa for New Mexico was because Iowa's primary focus is on football. Considering Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz has the second highest paying contract in college football, I'd say that focus is evident.

I don't know how Iowa does it. Their program obviously has some money in it, but honestly, what is the draw of playing in Iowa City? How do you convince a kid to go out there and play? It absolutely boggles my mind and the only thing I can think of is spending lots of money and being in the Big Ten.

Granted, Iowa has a solid tradition in athletics, both in basketball and in football. It's amazing to me how such a thing was established. I mean Iowa, geez.

I'm not sure what Alford's offer from New Mexico was in comparison to his deal at Iowa, but the only thing that is going to lure Stallings out there is money, and the fact that they shell out that much for their football coach either means they have more of that where it came from, or that they'll be more stingy on basketball.

Seamus O'Toole said...

I don't have the inside information I wish I did, and Mike Rapp in all his shrewdness has taken this topic to the War Room, furthering my distaste for the Rivals.com message board.

Stallings made it known a while back that if he ever had an offer at Purdue, he would take it. Fine. Barring that, I see absolutely no reason why he would leave Vandy.

Read my next post to find out why.

Stanimal said...

Steve Alford made about $1.3 mil last year as head coach at Iowa. How much is Stallings making now (as the third-highest salaried employee of the University?)

Stanimal said...

By the way, USA Today has an incredible resource in terms of the finances that public universities bring in for their athletic programs, very interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather live in New Mexico than Iowa any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't be hatin' on Iowa.