Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stallings Has 1.3 Million Reasons to Stay at Vandy

At this time every year, people in the media start rumors about coaches who have had success in the NCAA Tournament being considered for head coaching positions at other (usually big-name) programs. I love the rumor mill, but even though I don't know much about how these things work, I do know that, as far as Stallings is concerned, this is the story no one is talking about. We want to hear what you think about it.

The following chart of highest-paid basketball coaches in the country (at private schools) comes from Andrew Heck, and no, you are not seeing things: Kevin Stallings, in addition to being the highest-paid person at Vanderbilt University, is the second-highest paid basketball coach in the country at a private university. He gets more money from Vandy than "the other Coach K" gets from Duke. Wow.

Unless something drastic happens and someone shells out serious money for him, I think it's safe to say that Coach Kevin ain't going nowhere.

The numbers are salary, win-loss record, and win-loss percentage. Again, wow.

1. Marquette - Tom Crean - $1,655,819 - 163-84, .660
2. Vanderbilt - Kevin Stallings - $1,339,643 - 142-105, .575
3. Duke - Mike Krzyzewski - $1,200,000 - 702-199, .779
4. Northwestern - Bill Carmody - $1,132,965 - 95-111, .461
5. Creighton - Dana Altman - $937,714 - 257-140, .647
6. Boston College - Al Skinner - $592,093 - 194-117, .624
7. Dayton - Brian Gregory - $484,342 - 73-48, .603
8. Notre Dame - Mike Brey - $467,203 -- 140-76 -- .648
9. Georgetown - J. Thompson III - $449,054 - 132-71, .650
10. Baylor - Scott Drew - $413,612 - 34-67, .337
11. TCU - Neil Dougherty - $379,487 - 65-80, .448
12. Syracuse - Jim Boeheim - $377,387 - 724-249, .744
13. GW - Karl Hobbs - $351,455 - 110-64, .632
14. DePaul - Jerry Wainwright - $300,000 - 29-27, .518
15. Fordham - Dereck Whittenburg - $264,043 - 35-54, .393
16. American - Jeff Jones - $248,360 - 103-100, .507
17. Pacific - Bob Thomason - $225,699 - 321-238, .574
18. Detroit - Mercy P. Watson - $217,444 - 254-175, .592
19. San Francisco - Jessie Evans - $200,945 - 41-48, .461
20. Valparaiso - Homer Drew - $169,462 - 302-239, .558

To put this in more perspective, consider that even at powerhouse public-university programs, salaries are comparable to (if not lower than) what Stallings gets. For example: Billy Donovan gets $1.2 million at Florida, Roy Williams gets $1.29 million at UNC (plus a Nike deal), Bill Self gets $1.13 million at Kansas (on top of the $500,000 buyout to get him from Illinois), Ben Howland gets $900,000 at UCLA, etc.


Douglas James said...

First insane that Stallings gets more than the Rat...i mean Coach K....Second I think it is insane what Boheim (can't spell) gets from Syracuse. Syracuse is not just a freaken powerhouse but a freaken cash machine. They sell out the freaken Carrier Dome for B-Ball games! I'm amazed that he gets paid less than $400,000!

Will said...

You need to clarify that the $1.3 is total compensation package and not just his salary.

Coach K may have a lower salary than CKS, but he makes so much through endorsements, that he might be taking less from Duke to help their overall athletic budget (or maybe gives more to his assistants).

Anonymous said...

Will makes a good point. That was my first thought about Boeheim -- he's basically Local Celebrity #1 in Syracuse, and I can only imagine the amount of endorsement business he gets from Central NYS. Coach K's endorsement money is obviously more national and pretty substantial, I would guess. Stallings hasn't been in that class, and frankly the way you get to that class is by building up something really good. So that might be one argument in favor of staying and building up Vanderbilt, or at the very least making his next move his last.

But to the big picture: I think there's no doubt he's well compensated and that VU has done more than what's reasonable to build loyalty. If he leaves, it's not because of lack of loyalty by the admin. Maybe by the fans, but do you think fans in Michigan or Iowa are going to complain based on a track record like his first seven years at VU?

Seamus O'Toole said...

All good points.

Will: Regarding total compensation package, the numbers are total compensation from the university for all the schools, not just Vandy. But the key issue in attracting a coach to any given program is what the university is giving the coach, not what he'll make on the side (which is going to be based in large part on whether or not he is successful at the program). Obviously guys like Coach K and Jim Boeheim have alternate sources of income such as endorsements, camps, clinics, speeches, and so on. The point is that those are arguably out there to be gotten by any coach who is a winner, and those are variable.

Bottom line: Vanderbilt is in a league with very few other schools in terms of how much they pay the head basketball coach, and almost all of those other schools have names like Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, North Carolina, and UCLA.

There appears to be a clear disconnect (though if you look at the chart, certainly not as much of a disconnect as you see with Bill Carmody at Northwestern or Scott Drew at Baylor) between what Stallings is paid and how much "success" he's had (in terms of winning %) at Vandy, relative to most other programs, even at the most elite level.

Therefore, I'd say he's got a lot of good reasons to stay at a school that's giving him such generous support.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Also for PhilipVU94: I agree the fans haven't always warmed up to Coach Kevin, but he's not always the warmest and fuzziest of dudes. Perhaps discussion of what actions lead me to say that should be left to another thread, but I think most would agree on it.

But despite however he may be viewed by various members of the Commodore community, Memorial's been selling an awful lot of tickets, and as they say, "[insert cliche here - e.g., 'the proof is in the pudding,' 'put your money where your mouth is,' etc.]"

Anonymous said...

These numbers come from something called the IRS 990, a tax return that all nonprofits have to file. The information is usually at least two years old by the time the 990 is made public. Now, hard as this may be to believe, private universities have come up with all sorts of artful ways to keep things OFF the 990s. In the case of coaches, that could be anything from endorsements, shoe deals, board memberships, camps, consulting gigs, TV commercials, speaking fees (when a Coach K gets $100,000 per speech it ain't going through dear old Duke) and the like. The bottom line is that no one really knows how much any of these people make, and you should assume that that what is reported is essentially the "minimum wage" before the add ons. The same thing is true, by the way, for public universities, though thanks to open record laws they do have to disclose contracts, which are not necessarily the last word on compensation.

Seamus O'Toole said...


1) Fair point about the possible age of the information, but how does that change anything we've said?

2) As far as the "add ons" you're talking about, and the outside sources of income, note my response to Will. Again, the point is not that this is the grand total of what all coaches get paid, but rather that this is a base number that comes from the university. I think that makes Stallings' compensation all the more dramatic in relation to other coaches. Duke University and UNC and UCLA are not going out to get those contracts for speeches and endorsements for their coaches--the coaches' agents are doing that. An important distinction. Bottom line is that you may not know how much grand total coaches are getting paid, but what the university is reporting it pays is coach is very instructive.

muwarrior92 said...

The listing of salaries is inaccurate.

Tom Crean is not the highest paid coach, he's not even in the top 10.

USA Today just listed all the salaries including bonuses. They even attached coaches actual contracts and tax forms.

Here is the link


You need to factor in signing bonus and NCAA bonus, and that bumps Crean out of the top 10 as he doesn't have either of those in his contract.

muwarrior92 said...

USA TODAY Salary Links

Seamus O'Toole said...

The salary info is still accurate. Maybe not in terms of full compensation, but in terms of what was paid to the coach by the university in that year, it is dead-on accurate. I stand by it as far as the IRS stands by it.

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