Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Addendum to Stallings Salary Post

A few of our more perceptive readers have notified us that the information in my last post about Stallings' (and other coaches') compensation may be out of date or incomplete, as it does not take into account things like one-time bonuses and such.

For what may be (though I do not guarantee that it is) a more up-to-date version of NCAA basketball coaches' pay, please visit this USA Today website.

Unfortunately for us, that website (oddly perhaps?) does not list Kevin Stallings' compensation, so all we have to go on for purposes of comparison is the IRS 990 from 2004 (the most recent year available), and it indicates that Stallings made $1.3 million from the university and was the highest-paid employee that year.

I think you'll find that, based on our limited information and its age, it appears that what CKS probably makes now is VERY competitive with other coaches, even at the most elite programs in the country. Thus, I believe the point remains more than valid.


Bobby O'Shea said...

Money aside, does anyone really think that either Iowa of Michigan, at this moment in time, is a better job than Vanderbilt? I certainly don't. Vanderbilt basketball is really on the cusp, and I can't see CKS leaving for two schools where he will have to "re-build," not when the only job he has stated that he "wants" would be at Purdue.

That guy said...

FWIW, i believe the reason Vanderbilt isn't in that list is because we didn't make the 2006 NCAA Tournament. I first saw that listing that makes up the database in the USA Today print edition, probably on the same day as that huge article on VU sports. The 2007 NCAA selection hadn't taken place so they used 2006 Tournament teams. It leads to some oddities like Mike Davis, who wasn't at UAB in 2006 even though his salary appears there.

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