Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Welcome to the New Domain

You are now viewing THE Vanderbilt Sports Line at our new location:

Please note: From now on, if you type in (which is more than acceptable), you will be redirected to this website.

Please feel free to comment to whatever extent you so desire, on whatever topic you'd like, and please do keep the great suggestions coming.


The Commissioners


Stanimal said...

I was wondering when something like this would happen. This is a great step for the blog.

Douglas James said...

Does this mean it is now revenue producing?

owlny said...

Congrats on the domainname.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, nice name. Even thought "Vandy sports" as a common noun is essentially a commodity, it's a nice gesture toward and makes it easier for you guys to develop your own "brand".

Bobby O'Shea said...

If people would buy something from the banner ads, we would be revenue producing, so really, whether we are a revenue producer is up to you.

Thanks for the kind words, we are excited about the change and are confident that this will open up a new era for VSL.