Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Can't we all just get along?

You know Vanderbilt sports is starting to hit a lull when our man Brett Hait doesn't have anything about the Commies in the Nashville City Paper. Luckily, Mo Patton of the Tennessean picks up the slack with 3 articles today. At least we have American Idol to fill the void.

The coaching carousel continues and discussion of Vanderbilt basketball and Kevin Stallings' future is heating up. Seamus has a great thread up outlining where CKS is on the pay-scale of basketball coaches at private universities. Jarred Amato has a round-up of Vanderbilt sports in today's Hustler and mentions that Kevin Stallings is being bantered about for the Michigan job. He is quick to mention, correctly, that at this point, it's all speculation. Mo reports in the Tennessean that the Stallings Watch hasn't begun yet, but that David Williams "keeps waiting for the phone to ring."

Game one of the two game, home and home O'Shea series starts today as the Commies plays host to the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State . Woody's got a preview, and as always, he's left no stone un-turned. In Patton's second byline of the day, he discusses how Coach Corbin is awash with hitters. Vanderbilt is ranked #3 by Baseball America and the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Poll, 4th in the Sports Weekly/ESPN Coaches Poll and and 5th by Collegiate Baseball.

For his trifecta, Mo Patton reports that CBJ is moving sophomore Thomas Welch back to offensive tackle. Only problem is, the last time he played the position was in 7th grade. CBJ is a great coach, and is probably able to get more out of his players than any coach in the SEC, but this strikes me as risky. I was a ladies man in seventh grade, that doesn't mean George Clooney is calling me up to be his wing-man in Vegas (although if he's reading this, I'd love the chance Mr. Clooney).

That's all the Vanderbilt news there is... but that doesn't mean I'm done. Gwen Stefani was last night's celebrity guest on American Idol. The final 10 were all over the map, with Sanjaya continuing to be terrible, Haley continuing to try and seduce America on looks alone, and Melinda continuing to be better than everyone else (despite looking like a Berenstein Bear). Chris Sligh disappointed, Phil Stacey was much better, and Blake continues to be, in Simon's words, the male "front-runner." Lakisha and Jordan were both fantastic as well. I have Sanjaya, Haley, and Phil in my bottom three. I don't think Phil deserves to be there, but I think Chris has enough personality to overcome a better mediocre performance. Unfortunately for America, Sanjaya will probably continue on because there is nothing 9 year old chicks like better than a "pony-hawk."


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, the amount of time and space devoted to American Idol seriously detracts from the credibility of this blog as a venue to discuss Vanderbilt Sports. Until Mario Moore or David Pscbadfdvzxasdfky make it on the show, I'm not interested.

Stanimal said...


Anonymous said...

You know, reciprocity goes a long way. I basically went to bat for you all trying to keep discussion open at VandySports. But it's been pointed out that you don't have a link to them despite the fact that you use their site to promote yours. Perhaps it's just an oversight, but that's why I'm bringing it to your attention.

If you're interested in fostering a network of Vanderbilt blog sites, I'm happy to link you reciprocally. I get along great with James from Valiant Underdog. But if that's not your vision, just be up-front about it.

Woody said...

stop with the idol

Seamus O'Toole said...


What is the impetus for this comment?

As for the substance of it, a couple of questions:

1) Please know that we're considering linking to them but don't necessarily agree with the way conversations are limited on their site (e.g., you have to pay money to talk--and see what others are saying--about some of the most interesting topics), hence our reluctance to do so. You could say we're a pro-democracy blog in that sense.

2) Do they link to us? That would certainly provide more of an incentive to link to them.

3) Assuming you have no subscription requirements, we're happy to link to your blog and will do so presently. Send us the link at

Anonymous said...

American Idol??

What a bunch of b.s.

Whatever happened to real music?

It's certainly not alive and well on THAT show.

Remember the guy who had to pretend he liked Michael Bolton's music in his meeting with "the Bobs"??? (cringing inside the entire time) - people need to stop being polite and cringing inside and just flat out say the show sucks without dancing around the issue.

American Idol SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS and pure extract of SUCKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

As an aside, I really like the blog in general, just not American Idol posts or blogger "douglas james".

With all due respect, everyone on those other Vandy blogs should not take themselves so seriously. Al Gore didn't invent the internet so that people with similar interests and passions could have petty arguments. He invented it so that Americans can gamble on anything, from anywhere, at any time. And so that Dr. MZ has something to look at in the lonely hours of the night.

Lauren said...

Everyone who's complaining about American Idol has obviously not experienced the glory and joy of Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel."

Anonymous said...

What about "Jesus Built my Hot Rod" by The Ministry?

Is that close enough?

Liz said...

Or the musical stylings of the talented William Hung. I personally enjoy Vandy sports AND American Idol.

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna comment on the VandySports thing again other than the fact that I find Seamus' comments a little bizarre saying that this site shouldn't link VandySports because VS doesn't link this. You misappropriated Mike Rapp's photos without attribution. I think that would be worthy of a credit. I'm not sure what a pro-democracy blog is worth when it doesn't respect property rights.

That said, that's neither here nor there anymore, as I understand its been resolved.

And as for my opinion, keep posting on subjects you find entertaining that extend beyond Vanderbilt sports. It's your blog, after all.


Seamus O'Toole said...

Seamus was unaware of any lifting of photos or other content when he made that comment, but Seamus agrees that property rights should be protected, which is why Seamus is very happy that the situation to which NYDore refers has been rectified.

Seamus has linked VSL to Rivals as of today, and appreciates any reciprocal consideration VS could extend him. He stands by his support of cost-free, democratic blogging.

Seamus' only additional comment on this matter will be to say that anyone who refers to himself in the third person the way I just did deserves to have the word "tool" in his last name.

Anonymous said...

A lady walked into a hardware store to by a door hinge.

She went to pay for it.

The guy at the register said:
"Do you want a screw for your hinge?"

The lady says:
No, but I'll blow you for a lawn mower.

{let's hear THAT on American Idol}

Anonymous said...

You mean "buy" a door hinge?

And you stole my screen name.