Thursday, January 4, 2007

Commies get a Prince

According to today's Tennessean, J.P. Prince plans to transfer to Vanderbilt in time for spring classes. That would make Prince available for the start of conference play in the 2007-2008 season. According to the Knoxville Sentinel: " The 6-foot-6 Prince, rated by recruiting analysts as one of the nation's top five prep point guards coming out of White Station High in Memphis two years ago, will have two full seasons and at least part of a third year of eligibility remaining."

What does this mean for Vanderbilt? It certainly means that with Alex Gordon, "Dolla" Beals, and now Prince, Vanderbilt will be very point guard heavy. At 6-6, Prince is certainly tall enough to be converted, the question then becomes, can he be converted from a point guard to a two or three? Not knowing how good Prince is, I do have to wonder whether or not he is a player worth "using" a scholarship on. Vanderbilt has been very successful via the transferring process, but you can't tell me that this is a pressing need. I know transfers are less abundant then high-school seniors and junior college players, BUT, that still does not mean that because you have an opportunity to get a very good player that you don't need - potentially at the expense of a scholarship for a player you do - that you automatically sign him. Only time will tell whether or not Prince is such a player...or whether or not Stallings will be around to find out.

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