Monday, January 22, 2007

Championship Week Pick'em Results

Championship Week:
1. Stanimal (5-1, although the fact that he took the Saints to win straight-up, and the Bears to cover, despite the Bears being the favorite calls into question the animal's general state of mind)
2. Bobby O'Shea (4-2)
2. J.B.,M.D. (4-2)
2. Chad (4-2)
5. Shamas O'Toole (3-3)
5. Woody (3-3)
5. Bobby's Mommy (3-3)
5. Will (3-3)
9. Papa O'Shea (1-5...and automatic Hoser of the Week Nominee)

1. J.B., M.D. (23-7)
2. Woody (22-8)
2. Will (22-8)
4. Bobby O'Shea (20-10)
4. Stanimal (20-10)
6. Shamas O'Toole (19-11)
7. Chad (17-13)
8. Papa O'Shea (13-17)


Stanimal said...

The animal was forced to make his picks quite rapidly, and as such he didn't pay very much attention to the spread category. However I'll take my 5-1 despite a minor brain fart.

J.B., M.D. said...

The doctor dissected the playoffs like a true professional.

Yet again, head and shoulders above the competition, pun intended.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Not so fast doc...there is still the Super Bowl Pick'em to deal with. And, given my desire to beat you at all costs, I will come up with some way for you to lose.
PS. Belicheck is a Hoser.