Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear SEC: Save The Quarter, Get Better Officials

I just came across this AP story, and frankly, it makes me crazy.  According to the report, the SEC home office called Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin approximately 15 minutes after their 17-13 loss to #9 South Carolina. Chances are, they weren't calling to tell Coach Franklin they just saved a bunch of money by switching their car insurance. They were calling because (yet again), the SEC officials refused to throw the flag and allowed a Vanderbilt opponent to commit an egregious penalty at a critical juncture in the game.

A modest proposal to Mike Slive and the SEC: get decent officials. The SEC is the most dominate conference in all of college football (and it's not even close). Yet, week after week, marquee games are marred by terrible officiating, blown calls, and swallowed whistles. It's unacceptable and is an embarrassment to the league and its fans.

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