Sunday, August 26, 2012

We're Back...........and Suck It Tennessee!

So the powers that be got together this evening and realized that we simply have to step our game up, adult-life and responsibility be damned.   We recognize that we may have lost many of you when we went AWOL shortly after baseball season.  Quite honestly, I blame my lack of content on the sheer exhaustion I experienced from basketball season.  Watching Vanderbilt hoops from 2008-2012 was a four-year roller coaster with dazzling moments and thunderous flops, and in the end, the whole damn thing was like watching the end of the Sopranos or Lost: good but completely unfulfilling.  That being said, the opportunity for the VSL braintrust to actually stop and engage in the wild and barely substantiated speculation about Vanderbilt sports that makes this site so great has reinvigorated all of us, and we are not about to let our blog go gently into that good night.   Therefore, VSL Nation's true faithful (as Seamus likes to say, all five of you) will be getting a ton of content this week, and its going to start with my football preview that will be posted tomorrow.  Furthermore, we are endeavoring to be much more diligent about our discussions of all things Commodore.

So keep on checking back, because this is going to be a heck of a year in Vanderbilt sports.  As for the suck it Tennessee.......well.............suck it Tennessee!


Duke Stoner said...

We're still here, nothing better to do than follow all Vanderbilt sports blogs. Can't wait for Thursday night...could be a special night in the development of the James Franklin era. Nobody outside "the Faithful" gives Vandy a chance of winning the game....beating the spread be damned...I want a W. Bring on the content, response comments, let's get ready to RUMBLE !

MiamiDore said...

Welcome back. You were truly missed! I second the comment: SUCK IT UT!!!!