Wednesday, February 8, 2012

VSL Gets You Ready: Previewing LSU at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt plays LSU tonight at Memorial Gym. The tip-off time is at 9/8 Central.

This preview is gonna be brief because I'm pretty swamped. I've been hesitant to declare anything a must-win, but this game officially is. Based on the rest of the schedule, Vanderbilt will probably be favored in only four (maybe five) of their last eight games. This means that we are faced with the possibility of having a 9 win season. That will probably be good enough, given Vandy's standing in the RPI (29) to punch a ticket to the NCAAs, but is unlikely to land us much higher than a six-seed. Of course, Vandy's best luck has come when they were a six-seed, as both Sweet 16 squads can attest. While that is certainly disappointing given the pre-season expectations, Vandy fans will likely be watching their team play in the Big Dance. So you're saying there's a chance!

Of course, if they want to protect their status, they can't lose anymore games that they should win. Vegas says that this is definitely a game we should win, and to the tune of at least 10 points. KenPom is about on the same page with a 9 point victory, and Sagarin says about 10. In other words, Vandy has to take care of business at home.

But keep in mind, LSU is not even close to the worst team we've played. They are a very decent squad after being at or near the SEC's doormat for the past couple of seasons. This will not be a cake walk game. However, a loss would be disastrous.

Amazing how the rhetoric changes after an 0-fer week. Sound off your thoughts.


finalfourfinally2012 said...

gentle correction: 1988 Goheen/Booker team was a #7 seed and went to sweet 16 that year. Those two could hit the 3, it was awesome !

Stanimal said...

I apologize. I forgot to include that year.