Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vandy Falls to Florida 73-65

At the 15:27 mark in the second half, Vandy had a 43-40 lead, was on a 9-3 run and had the ball. Stallings subbed in Odom, Parker, and Ezeli for Taylor, Goulbourne, and Tchiengang. The next three possessions of the game went turnover Odom, foul Odom with two made free throws, and turnover Parker. As a result, Taylor and Goulbourne got approximately 15 seconds of rest and were forced to sub back in. Taylor did not sub out again until 7:54. He subbed back in one minute later.

I bring this up because it highlights what I perceive to be Vandy's most significant problem: the bench is a complete momentum suck right now. I felt this problem was mitigated by Stallings personnel rotations in the past month, but it has been exposed this week. It is no secret that Vandy gets very little offensive production from its bench. This was not a problem when they didn't turn the ball over. The bench appeared to be getting its feet underneath them for the past month or so. They took better care of the ball, and were used in spot minutes with key contributors to hide their offensive deficiencies. They were even starting to contribute some offensive punch. Then we played Arkansas, who loves to create turnovers, and Vandy's bench had difficulty getting the ball across half court. The same happened today at Florida. Your bench cannot give you merely 2 points and more turnovers than shot attempts. Someone from that crew MUST man up.

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Sklaw said...

Brad Tinsley is also a momentum suck. He somehow seems to have the ball in his hands in critical moments and rarely comes through. At this point, I'd prefer Taylor at point guard. And I know what people are going to say- he has a 6 assist to 2 turnover ratio today. But he can't handle any pressure. He takes untimely shots at the most critical times in games. Until we get solid PG play and an ability to break pressure, this team is going nowhere. I always thought that if Jeff Taylor could get his act together, we'd get what we deserve. Jeff has been playing his mind out the last 2 months; he's been mr. consistency, for a guy who's be maligned for that in the past.

That all being said, its really hard to win on the road, especially against teams that haven't lost at home all year.

Stan- I agree with you regarding the bench and Stallings. Stallings has never been great managing his bench, but this year has been worse than ever. We thought we were really deep going into this year, were we ever wrong. If this team fades in February, like our squads have the past few years, I really think its time for CKS to go.

AspenVU said...

VU is a 3 team and today JT was the only one that could hit. Fes is really struggling down low and with free throws. He gets the ball way to much when he is out of position and then he puts the ball on the ground. LSU is a must game and I believe we will get 2 home wins this week.

Stanimal said...

LSU is definitely a must-win and it's approaching that for UK as well.