Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Commodores Dominate South Carolina 67-57

The final score is not reflective of how the Commodores controlled this game. The bench allowed USC to end the game on a 14-2 run. Brad Tinsely and Lance Goulbourne played great, while John Jenkins got hot in the second, scoring 12 of his team leading 14 points. Brad added 13, Jeffery had 11, and Stevie Thunder poured in 10.

A good game for Vanderbilt who played an excellent 16 minutes in the second half to take control. Things appear to be coming together for Kevin Stallings and his Commodores.


J.B., M.D. said...

Great team effort tonight, though the final score wasn't indicative. Looking forward to Saturday against the Dawgs!

macpfled said...

what is going on with our bench? they get sooo dominated. i mean kyle fuller was a good recruit byt he looks like a walk on when he gets in the game right now. and rod odom hit some shots today, but he looks terrible most of the time. he seemingly should be a great athlete with his length and hops. i wish he would play every possession like he does the way he puts effort into his crazed jumping when opponents are trying to inbound.
overall my disillusionment with this years team is only compounded by the thought of being a vandy fan next year. we could finish dead last in the SEC.
but lets not get too negative, i will admit this team is showing hope after an abysmal start to the season. i think the biggest difference between this years team and last years team is jeff taylor. jenkins, goulbourne, tinsley look exactly the same and ezeli took a hit bc of his injury but jeff taylor actually looks significantly better. he finally stopped spinning into the lane. while he still finds a way to get his turnovers he has been efficient with his shot and more committed on D. things have opened up nice offensively, and if we could just borrow bo ryan for the last half of the season to get us to play team defense and stop turning the ball over we might be everything our preseason hype was built on.