Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Colorado State QB Pete Thomas Considering Transfer to Vanderbilt

Conflicting reports have surfaced in the past 24 hours about CSU quarterback Pete Thomas.  What we know right now is that the Rivals 4-star QB, who set single-season completion percentage and freshman passing yard records in his first season under center at Colorado State, is at least considering Vanderbilt as a transfer destination as former Alabama OC Jim McElwain prepares to take over as head coach in Fort Collins.

The 6'5", 225-lb Thomas would be a great addition of talent and provide some depth at the quarterback spot with Larry Smith graduating and LaFonte Thourogood moving to running back.


Vandy Vern said...

Just how many QB's does a team need? Do they end up becoming LB's or safeties?

TackerDad said...

A a longtime Vanderbilt fan who has watched lots of our QBs struggle over the years, my answer for us is "as many as we can reasonably get."

I'd say given Rodgers horror-show performance in the Liberty Bowl, we need at least two more experienced signal-casllers in addition to him.

Carta-Samuels and Thomas would give us those two experienced alternatives. Grady may be good, but has yet to take a snap at center in college. I hear that Kentera is really rough.

Have another cup of CJF Kool-Aid (I love it!) and just go along.