Monday, November 14, 2011

Vegas Likes the Commodores: Vanderbilt Opens as a 1.5 Point Favorite in Knoxville

Don't believe me, check this out.


Anonymous said...

I love CJF and what he has brought to the team. Just for a moment, can many of you on this blog recall how you were really upset when he was anounced as our coach and NOT Gus Malzahn ? Many of us were caught up in the "big name guy" of the moment rather than a coach of substance who can evaluate young talent and build a team. Great job so far but we really need to win this Saurday at Tenn. I'm not sure if I really want our guys season to come down to 1 game on the road against an unpredictable Wake team to get a bowl birth. I love the positive attitude and fight that CJF brings to our youg players. Go Dores !

CrocDownUnda said...

for once, i am not completely disenchanted with our football team and moving on to basketball. not that the basketball team is really winning me over right now. good job CJF!

VandyImport said...

I will admit, when Malzahn fell through I was enraged and saying "if we're not going to get the hottest commodity in college football we need to get a proven known good BCS-conference head coach instead of the flavor-of-the-month promising young OC."

James Franklin changed my mind in the first fifteen minutes.