Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seriously Guys, It's Time to Man Up

What happened on Sunday was completely inexcusable.

There is never an excuse for a top-10 team, or even a top-25 team, to lose a game at home against an unranked mid-major opponent by double digits. Doing so makes me conjure up words that are far from appropriate for this blog.

Simply put, at some point this team has to grow up. This has been a recurring thing with this group of seniors, and I put ALL of the focus on the seniors because it's THEIR responsibility to make sure that they're legacy is not completely wasted. They have the clout over the rest of the team and they are expected to demonstrate some leadership.

But the way that they played on Sunday was a complete travesty. No other way to put it. No Vanderbilt fan should have to accept the type of unprepared and uninspired play we saw on Sunday. If we are going to see that kind of play, and the lack of maturity and mental toughness that has been, dare I say, a staple of this group for the past three years, well then you can't expect fans to believe in you.

They are in control of their own destiny. They didn't lose that game for lack of their own talent or ability. They lost it because they decided they could win simply by showing up. And once again, an inferior team came out and punched them in the mouth. As my football coach put it back in the day, "have some intestinal fortitude."

Time to grow up Gentlemen, or face being the most disappointing group of players in Vanderbilt Basketball history.

End rant.


Pope Vanderbilt said...

Now, who will deliver this message to the players and CKS?

And - if delivered, would it make any difference?

Psychologists will tell you that personality type is fixed, and it seems that for this squad, they don't have someone who is constitutionally an emotional leader, or if they do, that person's natural ability has been subdued by CKS's "steady-as-she-goes" approach. That being said, the auxiliary - or weaker - aspects of personality can be developed and strengthened, and let's hope that somewhere on this team is some competitive fire lying dormant just waiting to be released. Otherwise, I just don't know how this year's team gets a different result from last year's, seeing as how....well, you know.

AspenVU said...

Based on Sunday, they aren't even close to matching last year - much less a chance in the NCAA again. That was pitiful. They are a long way from doing what CTC's baseball team did last year with their very high rankings in which they matched expectations. Many more games like that and CKS will be asking for fans to show up also.

KS-DORE said...

Considering that we only took the lead for good against Bucknell with 2:46 left in the game, I would say going 8-8 in the SEC would be a great accomplishment for this group. Or at least it looks that way at the moment.

I don't think the players need to man up, I wish they would, but the reality is that this group has shown us that they lack competitive fire, or whatever you want to call it. I think we, as fans, need to adjust our expectations. We have spent three years dreaming out this group's potential and making excuses for their failures. Well, after three years of blowing leads and playing scared, we should realize this group is what it is. Let's hope for a competitive showing in the SEC and chance to play in the big dance.

Anonymous said...

KS-Dore, we took the lead for good with 2:46 left in the first half, not in the game. The second half was never close.

I do agree that we may have had our expectations a bit high to start, but we are certainly better than 8-8 in the SEC.

DoreDevil said...

Wait a minute - we were up by like 21 on Bucknell with 2:46 to go; I don't know where KS-Dore got that idea.

AspenVU said...

Without Fes, we are only decent if we shoot the ball well. A nice weekend in NYC would really give them some confidence. I wish that Tin could find his range - CKS is always bragging on his shooting. Too bad they had to use the freshman Shelby and not redshirt him.

Greg M said...

I beleive that a teams character , or lack of it in this case, stems from the top. If CKS can't find a way to get these guys wanting to run through a brick wall for him like CJF then it is time to put the old mule out to pasture. I think it would be a great fit to end his career at some mid-major program. I just don't think he is Vandy material any more. Seems to be a lazy recruiter also.

Anonymous said...

The last team we had that made a deep run in the tournament lost to Furman, at home, early in the season. Peaked at the right time. Maybe some early struggles will actually benefit these guys. Perhaps I'm overly optimistic, but I think not having Fes and playing the young guys early will only serve us well down the road. For whatever reason, this team plays better as the hunter, not the hunted.