Friday, July 1, 2011's Andy Staples On CJF's Recruiting Success

This article is a must-read.  It keys in on the impressive way in which CJF is selling Vanderbilt to recruits, focusing on both the academic reputation and the idea that Vandy is a place where you can challenge yourself to reach your highest potential -- as a player and a student, but also as a person.  Staples also makes the point that CJF is doing what all the best recruiters do: outworking the competition.

While the "rumor mill" of recruiting improprieties is to be expected any time any school, anywhere, starts having recruiting success, I wouldn't let the "whispers" about possible NCAA violations discourage you too much.  If anything, unless and until you hear a single word of substance, I'd take it as a badge of honor -- i.e., people are taking notice, and they're getting nervous.

Staples is dead-on about one thing: the major challenge now becomes keeping these guys in the boat until next February 2nd.  From what these kids are saying, it sounds like they're 100% sold.  But we all know 18-year-olds are fickle and recruits jump ship all the time, so hopefully the staff can keep these guys excited and -- even better -- talking up Vandy to their peer recruits.  If so, VSL Nation could be in for the best (and arguably the first really special) recruiting class in school history.


Sdubs said...

This is just getting ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

The reaction from UT has been nothing but awesome. This doesnt seem real. Does anyone remember crying back in November when we didnt get Malzahn? I just remembered that today... Go CJF and Go DORES!