Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st, 2011: The Day Vanderbilt Dominated Tennessee in Recruiting

Coach James Franklin has proven to me that he's for real.

Today, Vanderbilt landed commitments from Memphis RB Brian Kimbrow, the #80 overall prospect and the #2 all-purpose running back in the nation, as well as Caleb Azubike (DE) and Cory Batey (WR), both 3-star prospects from the Nashville area. This will certainly have Vanderbilt knocking on the door to a top-25 class overall, if it hasn't solidified that position already.

The manner in which the three announced their college decisions is somewhat "The Decision"-esque, but I'll take it considering the years of garbage that UT fans have put Vanderbilt through. When it came time for Kimbrow to put on his cap, he reached for the UT hat, said "nah, it's too small," and then went for the Vanderbilt hat. While I ragged on Lebron for participating in "The Decision", I do have to say that it feels pretty good to be on the other side of the coin.

The importance of today cannot be understated. James Franklin has come to Vanderbilt with a vision, and he is selling that vision to incredible talent. That alone has made him the right hire, and he hasn't coached a single game. He's given the program a much needed boost, and while we haven't seen him on the field yet, I'm inclined to say he was the right hire.


AD said...

VUMC showing support for the gridders:

vandygal78 said...

This is just an amazing day. Franklin is awesome and so is the VUMC - very cool about the helmets.