Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vanderbilt Bookstore Moving to West End Ave; Barnes & Noble to Run

Here's the release from Vanderbilt announcing the bookstore's move. As far as I'm concerned, this is fantastic news for several reasons. First, it just got significantly easier for people to buy Commodore gear. If you didn't go to Vanderbilt, finding the bookstore is no easy task. This move will mean more black and gold will be seen around time.

Second, Nashville desperately needs a general interest bookstore. When Borders closed several months ago, there was no longer a place to go in Nashville to go and peruse books. I'm as guilty as anyone of using to buy my books, but I still occasionally go into physical book stores to pick my next read. Regardless, this is great news for Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt fans, and Nashville.


even more anonymous said...

Once upon a time, college bookstores were operated as a service, not seen as profit centers.

Anonymous said...

count me as a negative nellie on this one as well.

i'm all for more pub, but why not just have 2 bookstores that serve two diff purposes. that's what notre dame does.

disc. i'm vu alum (undergrad) nd for grad school. at nd we have an "apparel" focused brand bookstore that is off campus where the community can buy swag and then we have a real bookstore with both swag and class books etc. keeps the tradition of the old bookstore alive with the apparel bookstore for tourists and sidewalk fans.