Tuesday, June 7, 2011

9 Players in 10 Rounds, Vanderbilt Sets School Record

This according to a story on the Tennessean's website. 6 of the 9 Commodores selected are pitchers. Here's the complete list:
RHP Sonny Gray - Oakland A's (1st round, 18th overall)

LHP Grayson Garvin - Tampa Bay Rays (Supp. 1st, 59th overall)

3B Jason Esposito - Baltimore Orioles (2nd round, 64th overall)

RHP Jack Armstrong - Houston Astros (3rd round, 99th pick)

1B Aaron Westlake - Detroit Tigers (3rd round, 106th pick)

LHP Correy Williams - Minnesota Twins (3rd round, 117th pick)

RHP (David) Taylor Hill - Washington Nationals (6th round, 187th pick)

RHP Mark Lamm - Atlanta Braves (6th round, 206th pick)

C Curt Casali - Detroit Tigers (10th round, 317th pick)

Congratulations to all the Commodores selected.


Andrew VU '04 said...

Navery Moore went in the 14th round to the Braves. Any chance he'll return because of this? Secondly, does anyone else think it's odd that our 7-8th inning guy (Mark Lamm) went 8 rounds earlier than our closer?

Anonymous said...

Who is David Hill????

Andrew VU '04 said...

Probably means Taylor Hill, our Sunday starter.

Anonymous said...

What a crappy time to have the draft. Can't they wait until after the CWS? I hope our team isn't distracted - Karol remember Sowers getting spanked by Texas a couple days after he was drafted.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if they'd wait until after the CWS, but I understand. The Rookie and Class A short-season leagues start in mid-June. I can see where they need to go ahead and prepare rosters. Plus it helps kids who aren't in the postsesason (like Alex Meyer from UK) start getting ready.

Andrew: A bit, but it's probably because Lamm's a senior. Small/mid-market teams like that, because seniors don't have the negotiation option of going back to school for one more year.

I'm more concerned that Tim Lincecum wins 2 Cy Youngs in a row, and the overwhelming reaction to Sonny is "Durr, he's too short!" How can MLB still be so full of scouts with their heads up their asses?