Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 MLB Draft Day 2

You can track it here

Another Commodore is off the board. Jason Esposito was taken #64 by the Baltimore Orioles, begging the question, why do so many Vanderbilt players end up on AL East teams that aren't the New York Yankees?

UPDATE: Vanderbilt has as it's 4th player selected from this year's roster, as Jack Armstrong is selected #99 by the Houston Astros

UPDATE: Aaron Westlake is the 5th Commodore selected #106 by the Detroit Tigers.


Stanimal said...

Outside of the obvious excitement that comes with seeing 5 guys selected in the first 150 picks, is there anything more BORING than the MLB Draft? The only thing that makes the other drafts exciting is that the guys drafted might have an instant impact and change the fortunes of the franchise forever. In baseball, there is zero predictability of how those players will pan out.

AD said...

Throwaway response of the era probably would be the WNBA draft, Stanimal. More to your point, the NHL draft can take on a similar structure.

Glad to see Westlake headed to the Midwest, although I'm going to have to work hard to sell the studios on "A Commodore in Motown" as the much-awaited sequel to "Eight Mile."

On that topic, now taking reservations for Vandy football @ Northwestern in 2012. Get em while they're cold.