Monday, May 2, 2011

If Your Team Outscores Tennessee 39-5 in 3 Games, You Get Your Mug Painted on a Wall

At least that's the conclusion I've come to after reading Jeff Lockridge's piece in today's Tennessean. Long overdue, Coach Tim Corbin's likeness is about to join that of James Franklin, Kevin Stallings, and Melanie Balcomb on the Vanderbilt "wall of fame" on West End Avenue.

There are great parts of the story, but I think my favorite is that it was Coach Franklin who suggested that Corbin should be on the wall when his mural went up a few weeks ago. While this is not a story about football or Coach Franklin, I do continue to be impressed with how much he has immersed himself in Vanderbilt's culture. Classy move, Coach Franklin, classy move. As for you, Coach Corbin, congratulations, it's about time.


Anonymous said...

If our women's hoops team continues to decline, can MelB's likeness be removed? She has the job for kife anyway, what does she care?

Anonymous said...

Make that "job for life"

Anonymous said...

Give them another year. Trust me, I was as disappointed as you a lot of times this year, especially against UK and UL. But it was also an extremely young team. They had 6 freshmen, 3 sophomores, and the juniors hadn't played much (Puleo was coming in as a transfer, and Coleman only played 8 games her soph. year after a bad injury).