Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where Will You Be Watching Vanderbilt's March to the Final Four?

VSLNation is spread far and wide. We want to hear where YOU will be watching the game in hopes of inundating watering holes across the land with Commodore pride. The O'Sheas will probably be at Crow's Nest in Green Hills, Douglas James will be at Buffalo Billiards in DC (site of Seamus and Douglas James taking out a waitress in 2007 after the Washington State win). Remember, if you aren't able to get away from the office, you can watch all the games through March Madness on Demand. The Commodores tip off 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Louisville/Morehead State on TBS. The smart money has Vanderbilt tipping off around 3:10 pm or so central time.


MiamiDore said...

The National Commodore Club has expanded its grasp as I will be watching/supporting our beloved 'Dores all the way over here in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

I've been spreading the word of how talented our team can be. I even got into a deep debate with one of the Canadian Forces reps at the gym yesterday. I was defending VU's ability to bring it to Kansas which would define our ability to be a national contender.

Go 'Dores!!!!

HeimThyme said...

Austen will be in Austin.

Anonymous said...

At home in Nashville.... anybody see the ESPN's take on Vandy's game today?

They were talking about how it's "interesting" Vandy draws the hot/ best mod major team in the tourni every year. Maybe their is an agenda out there with this committee.

Douglas James said...


I know I speak for everyone when I say stay safe and that we really appreciate what you are doing over there.

Go Dores!

tyler s said...

Conference Room 6 at Baker Botts, Dallas with a large chick-fil-a nuggets tray.

KarenA said...

Anyone know how to get TV coverage on Direct TV (as opposed to Comcast)?

Douglas James said...

The game will be on TBS....regardless of where you get your tv service from.

Creature said...

Mister Days in Arlington, DC

Vandygal78 said...

At home in Northern Va. All preparations are complete:

Celebratory champagne chilling: check
Furniture moved for maximum nervous movement: check
Neighbors warned of impending yells: check
Nervous energy at highest level: check
iPad fully charged for posting comments: check

I'm ready. I bet we've got folks all over the world watching. Thanks to you, J for serving in Afghistan. Hope you have lots of friends to watch and celebrate these games with. Go Dores!

Alex said...

Anybody else watching the game in Baltimore?

Chainsaw said...

The epic waitress spilling ended up covering my wife in TONS of beer, but -- when she (also a Vandy alumna) realized Vandy had won -- she didn't even cry!

Super fans take the spillage and roll with it.

NYC crew is likely watching at Snap, on 14th Street between seventh and eighth avenues on the south side of the street, closer to eighth ave.


Anonymous said...

Watching at the Ivy in ATL. Join!

Anonymous said...

Whiskey Warehouse in Charlotte