Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jay Bilas thinks Vanderbilt is a "Sleeper" Final Four Team

Or at least so we tweets:
Sleeper Final Four teams: Notre Dame, Vandy, and Syracuse. None blow you away with how they are playing. Hot and healthy can get there.


Anonymous said...

At least this year we're not sweating the bubble. Agree with post that said VU has not played 40 minutes in one game this year.

Drew said...

Question: Now that Taylor has proven not-so-NBA-ready and will likely stay, Ezeli is determined to stay and get his degree, and a couple a highly ranked recruits coming in next year, could next year be the best Vandy team we've ever seen?

I mean, we should have all the key pieces back (Walker may not return for personal reasons but this year has almost been a phasing out of him anyway).

Good showing in March, and I'm thinking preseason top 10.

Anonymous said...

I really think next year could be the year for the Commodores but this year needs to be the stepping stone. I good showing in the SEC tourney and NCAA's could really pave the way for a special 2011-2012 season. The inconsistency Taylor has shown this year (plus the potential NBA lockout) leads me to believe he will almost have to come back next season. The addition of Johnson and Parker coupled with basically everyone back (sorry Duffy) should easily make a top 10 team next season. I would take this experienced team over the "super" recruiting class Kentucky has coming in.

aspenVU said...

Yes next year will be very good. But this team can get to sweet 16.

Go beat Florida first.

VandyGold28 said...

UGA beating the snot out of LSU. Good sign 1.

I like to think about next year too but let's get this year wrapped up. But don't get too excited about next year. Things that shouldn't happen do.

For instance, AJ wasn't NBA ready but he left. Taylor could still leave. Even Ezeli could leave. Fuller could transfer w/ Tinsley still in the mix and 2 new guards coming in that might get more play time. Someone could get hurt. Andre could move on. And if he does, that could also mean red shirt Darshawn heads out the door. Just no way to know. But if EVERYONE returns and we get these red shirts playing AND our 3 recruits in? Holy crap we're deep.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Can we please stop talking about next year until this season is over? I get that this is part of sports talk/blogs, but there is a tremendous amount of basketball to be played this season, and this team has the talent to make a run.

Anonymous said...

I don’t see Taylor leaving. Fans are pissed at the way Taylor played last night but come on! He's doing something HUGE and subtle that he wasn’t doing at the beginning of the season... shaking off a bad start

He was such a head case at the beginning of the year, if he missed his first shot he wouldn’t shoot the rest of the game. He started out cold last night to finish with 16. At the beginning of the season, Taylor wouldn’t have done that.

I’m feeling good about our chances in the NCAA tourni, we are going in underrated and we haven’t been underrated headed in since the 07 season

AspenVu said...

Beat Florida - worth at least one seed in NCAA and need it given 2 of 3 losses