Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who Ya Got: Vanderbilt Hosts Alabama

Give us your score predictions in the comments section.


Steven said...

ESPN's John Hollinger has published an NCAA version of his Player Efficiency Rating rankings, normally reserved for NBA (which is unfortunately Insider only). The top-ranked Commodores is Festus Ezeli, whose 28.86 PER ranks #2 in the SEC (after UA's Jamychal Green), and #24 in the country. The next best Dore is JJ at #10 in the SEC, but much lower nationally (well outside the top 100).

Of course, none of this really means anything--it's winning games that ultimately matters--but it's interesting nonetheless.

A win tonight would be huge. Go Dores!

Unknown said...

Congrats to Bobby O'Shea, Sheamus O'Toole, Douglas James, and Stanimal on reaching 200,000 on the Vandy Fan counter. Oh, and Woody, I guess.


Dore.ZA said...

70-62 black and gold.

Slimbo said...

68-64 Vandy. Freddy LOVES sports.

Anonymous said...

13 mins left second half same old vandy no heart and way to soft