Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vanderbilt Survives, Beats Alabama 81 - 77

Huge win for the Commodores.

Coach Stallings was effusive with praise for his team at his post-game press conference:

Very quick turnaround for the Commodores, who will face #18 Kentucky in just over 37 hours Saturday.

Big thanks to J.B., M.D., for picking up the slack for the VSL Braintrust and running an awesome Live-Blog.

Sound off on your thoughts with tonight's win.


Bobby O'Shea said...

I continue to be very concerned at the way we handle pressure. We don't do an effective job at breaking the press, and allow ourselves to be trapped too often. Part and parcel of this is, for me, a lack of toughness at times with the basketball. Alabama, a very physical team, was able to force turnovers that can be avoided if the team slashed or was generally stronger with the ball.

Alabama is a very, very good defensive team. The fact we were able to put 81 on them shouldn't be overlooked. Still, our team needs to improve considerably on defense.

Overall, I'm happy. A win's a win. Vanderbilt did what they had to do by protecting the home court. In the process, they beat a Crimson Tide team that had only lost 1 other SEC game this season.

Anonymous said...

Vandy fans, stop apologizing. Was the “out of bounds” call questionable? Yes! But who cares! How many times have we been the recipient of awful calls and no one cares. Tough love for Alabama. I really like Grant and think he’s a fantastic coach, but welcome to the SEC and basketball Bama! Crap happens. One call didn’t cost you the game… Go Dores.

Anonymous said...

Great win - now go get the kitty cats.

Nice to see Fuller hit some big shots.

I wish we would not always lose focus near the end of the first half.

Anonymous said...

We still need walker back in a big way. i think he solves a lot of problems for us.

macpfled said...

First of all, I like how all these whining Bama fans are not acknolwedging the 7 points they should not have had in that game. Tinsley's 2, Mitchells 28 footer with time winding in 1st half, and the errant alley oop that somehow ended in a monster slam for BAMA.

What a huge win, that really would have been a confidence killer going into the Cats game. A couple things I'm concerned with right now:
-Are we only going to win games if we hit 10 3's? Granted, we have great shooters but I would like to see some more scoring in the paint, especially some consistency AROUND THE RIM! STevie T, JT, and Lance all seem to miss layups regularly. Classic one tonight from Stevie T...

-We know Rod can hit shots and flail those limbs on inbounds plays (which looks incredibily intimidating to me, dude is long) but he could not play in this game tonight, he is just not quick or tough enough yet. The one night Fuller finally steps up and hits some shots, he hurt us bad. 3 TO's and 4 fouls in 9 minutes, not good at all.

-Is it just me or do teams
consistently make a high percentage of ridiculous shots against us (with the exception of FL, which just did not play good and still beat us)? Even in our wins..

Anonymous said...

Getting Andre back will solve alot of our problems inside. He's not a big scorer but he was huge at getting Fes the ball inside. Also, I wasnt expecting a big night on our inside game because Alabama is so dominant inside. All in all this will be a good win. Alabama would have hurt us becuase of such a low RPI. However, this team may not loose another game in the SEC so if we can claim 1 of their 2 losses... then GO DORES!

Anonymous said...

I just wish that Fes would shoot as well from 2 feet as he does free throws.