Friday, February 11, 2011

Black Out Memorial

Tomorrow's 12pm contest against the Wildcats of Kentucky is a "Black Out." Please dress accordingly.


AD said...

If the line to get in is anything like the last time UK came here, fans may want to heed the Black Out advice to please drink accordingly as well.

Should be fun.

Douglas James said...

I'm shocked......SHOCKED....the administration approved a "Blackout". Hahaha But I'm also glad because a "white out" is so freaking lame.

Anonymous said...

Doug, I love the whiteout! You can barely see any orange. The goldout sucked cause it made the ky blue stand out. The blackout should be nice

Anonymous said...

Fans need to be crazy - Uk a bunch of Freshmen.
Coach Cal will be showing them how to check into the game during his pregame practice. Time for VU to step up.