Monday, January 3, 2011

Vandy FINALLY Enters Coaches Top 25

#22 in the AP and #24 in the Coaches.

Also Joe Lunardi has the Commies as a 5-seed in his most recent Bracketology post.



Scuba said...

I think this is about where most 'Dores fans figured our team would be at the end of non-conference play when the season. I know I certainly thought this team would challenge for a top25 spot at the beginning of the year.

To me, the most interesting story lines of the non-con schedule have been: 1: Big Fez dominating opponents, despite limited minutes and 2: Point guard play. I'm not sure, even with his early season triple double, that I would ever have thought Tinsley would turn out as good as he has (Mizzou being the exception).

If this team can stay healthy in conference, I think Vandy should finish no lower than third in the East and challenge for the top spot. Although, I am sort of worried than the Vols may resurface at some point and give us fits.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I think it's noteworthy that Vanderbilt is one of only 2 SEC teams ranked heading into conference play.

Anonymous said...

jay bilas also has vandy as one of his 6 most underrated teams (insider article). it's good to see we're on some radars.

Chuck Heston said...

I'm looking at the schedule and not seeing too many "Ls" in the foreseable future given play to date. The 1 game that will be a probable "L" is on 2/1 when we play in the O-Dome.

Honestly, it would not shock me if VU wins the next 7 straight games, and then the next 4 games.