Monday, January 31, 2011

Vanderbilt Defensive Staff Announced

Coach Franklin officially announced his defensive staff today, thereby ending one of the worst kept secrets in college football.

Here's the run-down from, as well as the Tennessean's Jeff Lockridge.


Anonymous said...

no name hires... yawn.

Anonymous said...

did he really say "great family men?" who gives a rat's ass. i want winners. i don't care if they cheat on their wives. all i care about is getting W's without violating NCAA rules. my god, citing their character is an important trait. please. so typical vandy candy.

Anonymous said...

"No name hires" or not, I am very impressed so far with what I have seen. Seems like these coaches will bring a level of enthusiasm and work ethic not seen from previous Vandy staffs. It's hard to really see how this staff is not a major upgrade from the previous coaching staff. Until this staff shows that they can't get it done, we should be totally behind them. So far, this 2011 class of recruits looks very good given the amount of time that CJF had to pull them in. Go Dores !