Monday, January 31, 2011

Rankings Released: Commodores Remain Ranked in Both Polls

#23 in the AP, #24 in ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll

I'm a little surprised, but given the carnage among ranked teams this weekend, I think the voters recognized they must have been something in the water and were more forgiving than they might have otherwise been. That, or they just don't care.

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Dore.ZA said...

Might not feel so unexpected if the Arkansas loss came sandwiched between the St. Mary's beatdown and the MSU road win, rather than on the tail end of those. Overall, it's 1 step forward, 1.5 steps back, which is appropriately reflected in the 5 or so spots we fell in the rankings.

One solid win at Florida tomorrow night and maybe we can just pretend this was a bad dream.