Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vandy v. MTSU

Well we are up 41-27. I couldn't get the feed on ESPN3.com until almost halfway through the half. Jenkins exploded at the end and Brad looked pretty good offensively for the first time since........ummm 2008?

Also Lance Gouldbourne is unavailable for an unknown reason. Really hurts with Andre Walker already out. Hope it is nothing serious.

Lets get some chatter going during the 2nd half.


TZD said...

Why does the CSS announcer keep referring to Kyle Fuller as "Logan Nelson"..?

Anonymous said...

Nelson is #11 for MTSU. (In other words, they're blind.)

Douglas James said...

Freaken ESPN3.com video isn't loading again. So frustrating.

parlagi said...

Oh geez. Lance couldn't play because some senior manager bought a parking pass for Lance WITH LANCE'S OWN MONEY. And it's only an issue because the manager was a senior, which makes them "staff" and therefore a "benefit."

Thank you NCAA, for your consistently sane rules and for always considering the students' best interests.

Anonymous said...

mtsu SUCK-SUCK-SUCK-SUCK sucked.

Most of their "fans" who showed up seemed to know very little about the team. Like they never usually go to the basketball games there. The arena was not nearly full but lots of VU fans around the arena including DP himself - David Price.

Anonymous said...

So is the 'parking pass' issue with Lance at all serious?