Wednesday, December 22, 2010

John Jenkins Needs Your Help

"@johnnyj2312: Hey tweeps I'm trying to get a new name on here. Need yalls help!!"

I know we've got some clever readers out there, so help the guy out. We'll post your comments on our Twitter feed.

Some initial ideas from me (BobbyOSheaVSL):

- VUThreesus
- VUFutureisNow23
- VUSniper23


Anonymous said...

how about:

"John Jenkins rules but american idol still sucks and always will kind of like mtsu in men's basketball."

Hope that's not too long.

If not, how about JJ-Dyn-o-mite!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty good video from Vandy was posted on AOG...

Gregg M said...

What gives? Sagarin has VU MBB at #10 and Kenpom has us at #16. I know we are pretty good but with only one win over a top 30 team (#27 NC) and 2 losses (#15 WVa and #30 Missouri), #10 in teh country seems a bit of a stretch.

Drew said...


AD said...


My word verification for this post is "reefers."

Anonymous said...


Tom M said...

"JJ Redick... Dy-no-mite" is already taken.