Monday, December 13, 2010

Twitter, Facebook, The Internet (Blogs Included), 24 Hour News Cycle Has Ruined Reporting

This is just a general complaint about all media. Seriously and this is something I have become more and more aware of recently but journalism has really been in the pooper for sometime now. I don't mean to put-down the profession because most of it isn't their fault but it is kind of a disaster right now. Vanderbilt is hiring Ivan Jasper, wait no its not, its hiring Gus Malzahn, wait he isn't interested, so they are bringing in the guy from Standford, unless the guy from Navy wants to be interviewed, never mind they made an offer to Malzahn, he has accepted, he has turned them down, accepted but at a different price, he has been abducted by aliens then accepted the offer but because the aliens were Aurbun fans they wouldn't let his message go through........UGH!!!!

But this isn't just a Vanderbilt thing or a college football thing. Last week several different reporters twittered completely different reports about my beloved New York Mets signing/not signing catcher Ronnie Paulino. If I followed politics or finance more I'm sure I could point to a thousand different screw ups of "Reports are saying" coming from those respective journalists.

I just find it very frustrating that although the creation of the Internet should make information more accessible and easily dispersed (hello Wiki-leaks) it has instead created an environment where mis-information is spread just as fast if not faster than the truth. In a race to get the news out, journalists don't seem to check facts, verify sources or even bother caring who the person feeding them the info is. And this allows people with agenda's to re-tweet, post, email their own information.

It gets to the point where basically no one trusts anything because no one is a respected new source anymore.

I really hope Guz Malzahn accepts the head coaching position if only so I can go back to my life and stop checking,, and every 30 seconds (and go back to checking those sites only every 5 minutes like a normal person!!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

ESPN's Chris Low is repoting we didnt get him... oh well. Low is more reliable than some blogger in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

ESPN sports center has officially reported it's a no.....

I'm disappointed.

AD said...

Prisbell sticking to his guns in a full article today: