Friday, November 19, 2010

Vandy v. WVU

So I'm not nearly as skilled in doing previews as Stanimal, Bobby or Seamus so.....

Here is a preview from Andy Katz (

And I'll just say this. I don't have a very good feeling going into this game. Reminds me of the Cinci game last year. Basically, we didn't play very well yesterday. Jenkins is shooting .091 from 3-point line, Jeff is yet to impose his will consistently on less athletic players and no one else scares the other team on offensive. While we have a lot of talent we need to find a consistent 3rd scorer (Brad/Festus/Stevie-T) though I wish Lance could be that guy.

Meanwhile West Virginia has averaged 89.5 points per game so far and are getting scoring from everywhere. Also as a New Yorker I am born to respect the Big East (in Basketball at least) so a team that is as battle-tested as West Virginia scares the bee-jesus (spelling?) out of me.

I leave it open to everyone else to give some predictions. I do think Jenkins breaks out of his 3-point slump and I think Jeff rebounds from his poor 2nd half performance but I'm not sure that will be enough to win. I guess we will see.

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Heim Thyme said...

Live Blogging?

With a 6 hour time difference from EST in Budapest this game is a perfect start to my Friday night.