Monday, November 15, 2010

Tinsley is SEC Player of the Week

And really, why shouldn't he be? I'm jazzed about BT and hopeful that his triple-double performance against Presbyterian will give him a big-time shot of confidence heading into the Puerto Rico Tip-Off. I'm with Stanimal: this has all the early signs of a breakout season for the new floor general of this team. The Dores' opening act, and particularly the play of Brad and Festus, have me fired up for Thursday's 12:30 CT tilt against Nebraska. Set your DVR to record it on ESPNU.

Is it too soon for me to predict a championship game showdown with UNC this coming Sunday in San Juan?


Anonymous said...

Congrats BT. I was a little nervous about his A/T ratio heading into the season and so far he has done a good job. Beal will be a tough point guard to replace but I think Brad will do a good job this year and have an even better senior year. Our future is bright.

Does anyone else have a weird feeling about this season compared to the past few? The past 3 years for VU has been met with so much excitement that isn’t there this year. 07-08: We had a stud new center in AJ Ogilivy plus Shan Foster. 08-09: Best recruiting class under Stallings arrives. 09-10: Guys get a little older and we add our first 5 star. This year seems a little calmer heading into the season... I think this could be a good thing. Remember how 06-07 started? No hype in the beginning with a Sweet 16 finish. Go Dores.

Chuck Heston said...

Yes and yes. Yes, it's too soon to predict a showdown w/ UNC on Sunday. Yes, I do have a feeling about this team this year that's different from recent seasons.

I think it's safe to say that Vandy will likely beat Nebraska. WVU cannot be overlooked (assuming that's who they'll face).