Monday, November 1, 2010's Andy Glockner Previews the SEC

I'll be honest. I really don't want to talk about football. Vanderbilt, outside the 1st quarter of the Arkansas game was painful to watch, my beloved Jets didn't help matters, and my fantasy team got destroyed. So no, I don't want to talk about football.

What I do want to talk about is basketball. Vanderbilt Basketball. The Commodores play their first exhibition game Wednesday night at 7pm, and open up the regular season against Presbyterian Friday November 12th at Memorial Gym at 7pm.'s College Basketball analysts Andy Glockner has an SEC Primer that I think is very good. I've liked Glockner since he was at ESPN, and he's one of the few analysts who gives @VSLNation nation any love on Twitter. In it, he lists Jeffery Taylor as his "Breakout Candidate" and picks the Commodores to finish 5th in the East, despite having them as the 6th best team in the conference. Not surprisingly, I think his ranking of the Commodores in the East is low, but he gives the Commodores more respect than most. It's definitely worth a read.

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Chuck Heston said...

Can't argue with preseason polls putting us 5th in the SEC East. A 5th or higher finish in March will insure a NCAA bid given this field. I see UT and Vandy on equal footing, so I'm not sure why the Vols continue to be picked to be so high.

Here's my predicted order of finish:

1. FL (11-5)

2. UGA (10-4)

3. UK (10-4)

4. Vandy (8-8)

5. UT (8-8)

6. USC (5-9)