Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joe Duffy....Rival Blogger? Stallings Interview

So Joe Duffy will be blogging for the NY Times college sports blog "The Quad" this season. Here is his first entry(http://thequad.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/11/15/new-nickname-for-a-new-season/#preview)

Also here is a very interesting interview the Nashville Scene did with CKS. The most interesting parts are 1) he has NEVER had a beer, CKS you don't know what your missing and 2) he won't be coaching into his 60's.

CKS and the rest of the Commie B-Ball squad take on Nebraska at 1:30 est on ESPNU on Thursday. I have to say it was quite weird to wake up this morning and put ESPN on and see LIVE college basketball from the east coast. Weird but cool.


Basketballdaddy said...

The game in PR vs Nebraska is @ 2pm Eastern Standard

Seamus O'Toole said...

Love this quote from the Nashville Scene interview: "So to me, like I said, I choose to be grateful for what it is that I have, and I have a lot. My frickin' cup runneth over with all the great things in my life."

Anonymous said...

CKS is a baaad bad man. He takes life by the b's.

Also, Fluffy's a damn good blogger.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Lord, that Duffy blog entry was a goober's mix of cornball and sap, narrated by a 21st century Opie Griffith (possibly Kenneth from 30 Rock). Ugh. How dare you put that link up and make me read that?

Poor form.

Anonymous said...

Duffy's blog just may get him some tail over the next few months. Chicks love the innocent goober role.