Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SEC Media Picks Men's Basketball To Finish 5th.......in the East

According to the SEC media(http://www.secsports.com/NEWS/tabid/473/Article/214489/media-tabs-florida-as-sec-mens-hoops-champion.aspx)
looks like Vandy b-ball is going to have a rough year. We have been picked to finish 5th (out of 6) in the SECT East, ahead of only South Carolina. While I think this is a possibility I don't think anyone knows how the East is going to shape up this year. UK is coming in with a completely new team (I'm sorry but having a team off basically all freshman is very difficult even if you have the best frosh in the country every year). UT lost some talent and there are rumors that Bruce Pearl could be gone as soon as the other shoe drops in the NCAA investigation (though they do have uber-talented, Long Island talent Tobias Harris coming in). Georgia scares me but they haven't proved anything in the win column yet so they are still a question mark. Florida is returning all its starters and I agree will probably win the East but it won't be a landslide. And finally South Carolina is always dangerous. Basically I don't think anyone really knows how the Eastern division will shape up.

Also Jeff Taylor was named to the SEC First team, while no other Commie was named to either 1st or 2nd team (I thought Jenkins had a shot at 2nd team but was no shoe in).

What do you guys think about this? I'm just excited basketball season is coming up real soon.


Anything but Gatorade said...

I haven't really given it much thought, but this looks like it's shaping up to be a down year in the entire SEC, Mississippi State being the only possible exception. I'm not sold on Florida being the class of the East, but I'm not sure anyone looks ready to jump out in front. Vanderbilt actually has as much experience as any team in the league, and feature some pretty solid starting talent. The main question for the Dores is at point. Tinsley can shoot and run the floor but ballhandling is not necessarily his forte.

I agree with Doug that Kentucky probably has the most talented team in the league, but it's freshman heavy again and unless Enes Kanter is eligible there's no post presence to speak of. Kentucky will be better at the end of the year than they will at the beginning, but they might have too many early losses to make up for it.

Either way, I do hope the league will be at least exciting to watch and there do seem to be some upward trending teams at Georgia and Alabama that could make some waves. Can't wait.

Seamus O'Toole said...

I don't think the SEC will be down this year relative to what it's been in recent years. I would think the conference will rank about #4, behind the Big Ten, Big East, and Big 12. Top to bottom I like the SEC better than the ACC and a lot better than the Pac 10. Also the strength of the SEC overall is very deceptive because while the West isn't expected to amount to much, the East is absolutely loaded.

Steven said...

I'm kind of glad we're getting no hype to start the season...always better to go up than down, and sometimes we do better without high expectations. I'm a little surprised we didn't get any votes to even win the East, much less the SEC, but I'm fine with that for now. Preseason prognostication is meaningless by January anyway, if not November. I think we could have a really promising year.

Douglas James said...

What do you guys think of Jenkins getting no love on the All-SEC team? I bet he makes the coaches team.

Stanimal said...

It's very interesting that he got no love for the second team, because if you ask any coach in the SEC who the shooting guard they fear the most is, I'll bet you they say John Jenkins. Just ask Billy D after he won that game in the O-dome pretty much single-handedly.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about Vandy's outlook this year. Recruiting has been phenomenal the last few years. Losing AJ and Beal is tough, but the Freshman will make an impact. I also think that we're more athletic than we have been in quite some time. We should be able to lock people down on the perimeter and are very strong inside defensively.
Everyone likes to talk about how improved the other teams in the East will be, but if Jenkins grows as we all expect him to, the offense will be much more potent. Our big men have improved on both ends of the floor each year, and I ecpect that they will make another good step forward this year.
It looks like cage is now on the coaching staff. If we get they guys playing with half the heart and intensity that he played with, then we'll definitely surprise some people