Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miles of Opportunity

South Carolina's stud freshman running back, Marcus Lattimore, will sit against Vandy this week after hurting his ankle in the Kentucky game. Sophomore backup RB Kenny Miles will take his place.

With Lattimore out, the Homecoming crowd in full force, and the outcome determining which of the two teams will remain in control of its own destiny in the race to win the SEC East (with its combined record of 19 wins and 20 losses), do the Commodores have a chance to knock off the Gamecocks this week?

[Cue the raucous and uncontrollable laughter.]


Anonymous said...

I wish this point and with this coachinig staff....I'm just hoping that we can compete. Our players deserve a better coaching staff. Go Dores !

Greg M said...

There are about 10 FCS ( DII) teams ahead of Vandy in the Sagarin rankings. I say give one of those coaches with a long history of winning a chance to coach Vandy!!!!

No. Not like Bobby Johnson. He never won a championship and was only 60-36. I am talking about a WINNER, who has won championships and has better than a 60 something winning percentage. Maybe a young fiery guy. Not a minister or a comedian like or last two guys.

b said...

I think the 'Dores have been in Garcia's head for what seems like 10 years now. He's been all over the place when we have faced them. We have to get timely turnovers to have a chance.

My biggest concern is that Larry simply isnt improving. No touch on the ball and taking too long to make decisions. I like that we red-shirted Rodgers and I get that he may not be 'up to speed yet.' But I think if he had 6 games under his belt right now our season would be in much better shape going forward. Larry is simply spinning his wheels and it's killing the offense. We need some fire back there like we used to get from Adams off the bench. oh well.

My pipe dream is that the 'Dores hire Kevin Sumlin from Houston. He knows how to use the spread offense to make up for discrepancies in talent. He signed a new deal last yr after turning down Kansas but I think he may jump at a chance to coach in the SEC.