Monday, August 2, 2010

Interim Title Removed, Now He's Just Head Coach Robbie Caldwell

This according to the Tennessean's Bryan Mullen. Vice Chancellor David Williams made the announcement this afternoon at a gathering at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville. According to the article: "The lifting of the tag does not serve as a guarantee that Caldwell will be at Vanderbilt following this season." Mullen's story quotes The Guru as saying: "We evaluate [our coaches] every year . . . Even if you have a 20-year contract, we’re going to evaluate. We’ll evaluate all of our programs with the sport and what the goals were and the growth. I don’t think anything changes in that whether you’re interim or not interim, or whether you’re Robbie of Bobby.” What do you think, VSLNation, is this a big deal? Does this mean anything for Robbie Caldwell's long-term future with Vanderbilt?

UPDATE: Nashville City Paper's Mark Wheeler's piece's Chris Low's Blog Post


Alex said...

This is a really confusing move by Chancellor Williams. At most schools I would say this constitutes a long term commitment, but Vandy seemingly never does things with interim coaches. While I think CRC is a good position coach and great person it remains to be seen how he can perform as a head coach. This seems too early to me and I hope the school will still consider other coaches for next year. Loyalty is good but we all saw with Bobby that sometimes it can go to far in the coaching ranks.

VandyPhile said...

I think this helps with recruiting by removing the direct appearance of coaching staff instability. The reality of things may not have changed at all, but the appearance is different.