Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Go Get 'Em Boys

Stanimal finishes the bar exam today. O'Shea starts it tomorrow. Good luck to them as they seek to join Douglas James in the ranks of VSL writers who have successfully duped the Board of Bar Examiners into believing they are fit for the practice of law.

As if Stanimal didn't have enough stress on his plate already, Paul Finebaum over at al.com has him covered. In yet another (to put it politely) ill-conceived "kick Vanderbilt out of the SEC" article, Finebaum calls the past two weeks the "nadir of Vanderbilt football" and announces that Robbie Caldwell's Media Days comments "insulted" his delicate sensibilities. The reality is Finebaum's article would be what's really insulting -- that is (to put it a bit less politely), if anyone cared half a rat's rear about his deluded point of view. Need I recount Stanimal's obliteration of the argument in full detail? I think not.

In other news, even Gator fans seem to think Warren Norman is as good as we do.

Go Dores.


Anonymous said...

Finebaum is notoriously hated in Alabama, he's a mean, fair-weather fan. To say that it's insulting that Vanderbilt should place academics over football (gasp!) is about the silliest thing I've ever heard. About as silly as Finebaum's little rant toward the end of the article that VU should hold reality TV style tryouts. While you can certainly question our results, I don't think anyone who really knows VU questions the football team's desire to win, which is essentially what this article is predicated on. We've given a lot of good teams a lot of good games over the past 5 years. Secondly, Finebaum kind of contradicts himself - he's saying his dislikes Caldwell's corn poke shtick and his country attitude, and that the Coach should at least act like he could have been admitted to the university he coaches. And then he criticizes Vandy for putting academics over sports, for essentially not churning out the kind of corn poke individuals that irk him so much in the form of Caldwell, for being too elitist to care about football. Ridiculous.

Ok, I'm done. Go Dores.

The Scoutmaster said...

Go get 'em scouts. Don't be afraid to use your claws...

Bobby O'Shea said...

Dear Paul Finebaum,

I just read your article and as a Commodore fan and Vanderbilt alum find it truly infuriating. You shots at Robbie Caldwell and his "deep fried act" are insulting not only to Caldwell, but pretty much anyone who lives in the South. Paul, do me favor, put down your copy of the New Yorker and your glass of Pinot Noir you condescending snob.

In your column filled with insulting nuggets, this is perhaps the best: "And besides, if you're the Vanderbilt head coach, shouldn't you at least try to give off the appearance you could have been admitted to the school as a student?" Really Paul? Really? That's your argument? That because Robbie Caldwell inseminated turkeys and speaks with a twang he's someone incapable of getting into a school like Vanderbilt? Do you find it interesting that a columnist from SEC country would be so scandalized by a coach who possessed "homespun humor?" Know your audience, broseph.

Given all that's gone in college football, especially with respect to the increasingly prominent role agents are playing, your question: "Even Kentucky, a basketball school, makes an honest effort in football. Why can't Vandy?" is laughable. For one thing, Vanderbilt does make a honest effort (operative word, honest). In fact, Vanderbilt will only admit students who the school thinks can graduate. I get that in your "new era of college football," that might seem antiquated (in case you're wondering, Paul, that means "old fashioned"), but to some people (apparently, most of the people who read your column, to say nothing of the rest of the SEC Membership), that still matters.

Not only is the column poorly thought out, but it is also incredibly mean spirited. Which is fine. After all, the vast majority of sports columnists appear incapable of any other tone. It's also lazy (another columnist wrote a similarly poor quality piece this past weekend). Vanderbilt fans care about their teams, even if our support isn't often rewarded with bowl trips and championship banners. We're OK with that and so is the rest of the SEC. Your "suggestions aside," the Commodores aren't going anywhere. Although with a few more columns like this, I'm not sure if I'd say they same for you.


Bobby O'Shea

Anonymous said...

Fellow 'Dores,

Do you guys know how a Commodores fan in Miami can get a hold of the new
Football Posters? Also, you gotta check out this article. Number one



Anonymous said...

Warren Norman IS good.

but american idol IS sucky.

RyanMcC said...

Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well... he eats you. Congratulations on wrapping up.