Thursday, July 29, 2010

Congrats to Stanimal and Bobby on Finishing the Bar Exam!!!!

A year ago today I had some of the best few hours of my life. I had just finished the NY State bar exam and it was an absolutely beautiful day in NYC. I slept in, went to the bagel place around the corner, got some food and the newspaper, ate my bagel, read the sports section and all was right with the world. Now a few hours later would come a miserable 48 hour stretch which included packing my apartment up, a disastrous moving truck rental, a huge storm during the move and various other awful events. But that morning, while I was eating my bagel and reading the Daily News's Sport section, was absolute bliss. I hope Stanimal and Bobby are enjoying something akin to that right now. Congrats boys!

Anyway not sure if you guys have been keeping up with Chris Low's ranking on of all the SEC's offensive and defensive units but I have.

Here are Vanderbilt's breakdowns (my computer won't let me add the actual descriptions but I'll try to get them up later:

DB's - 5th
LB's - 9th
DL - 12th
OL - 12th
WR's - 12th
RB's - 8th
QB's - 11th
Special Teams - 6th

I think DB's COULD be slightly higher, maybe 4th, linebackers could be higher if John Stokes, Tristan Strong and maybe DeAndre Jones step up to join Chris Marve. Defensive and Offensive line probably need to be ranked 12th simply because we don't have a ton of experience, though with the freshman depth we have coming in at DL I think our future is bright. WR's should def be 12th though we HAVE to improve from last year right? I mean how can we not? And QB 11th or 12th is where we are gonna be until we know who the starter is going to be.

BUT Running backs getting rated 8th? 8th? Ummmm. Obviously Bama should be number 1 and Georgia, Auburn and Arkansa appear to have some real talent but after that I think the Commies are right up there. I think we have more talent (and will def put up better numbers) than Florida's running game. The Gamecocks are depending on a true freshman and I don't think UK's players are anything special.

What do you guys think


Anonymous said...

i agree that florida should be ranked higher than 8th, but not higher than florida. they have the 2 fastest runningbacks in the country. id say 7th would be about right. which is respectable in the SEC

Anonymous said...

I was at the Vandy summer send-off last night, and Zeppos predicted a two touchdown victory over Northwestern opening weekend. Just fyi.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the RBs. I think the combination of Norman, a health Stacy (remember he was the starter and looked stronger than Noman until he got hurt), and the addition of Wesley Tate (we know he's got good genetics) could make us a pretty dynamic backfield in terms of the running game. Not saying we should be top 4-5 but definitely higher than 8

Seamus O'Toole said...

South Carolina might be relying on a true freshman but his name is Marcus Lattimore and he's realer than Real Deal Holyfield. I say this without having seen him play a single down in college, but I honestly believe he's going to be that good.