Monday, June 14, 2010

VSL Poll: It might be inevitable, but do you think the SEC should expand?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely do not want the SEC to expand. 16 teams killed the WAC, and it's made Big East basketball a mess to follow.

If it must expand, I vote for a switch to North/South divisions. Move Arkansas to the North, and add Austin Peay, Western Kentucky, Sewanee, and Cumberland.

Douglas James said...

Yeah I just don't think a 16 team league will work. Really hoping the Big 12 manages to survive adn they add 2 additional teams. Then maybe Utah or Boise State go to the Pac-10 and leave them with 12 and so each conference is a 12 team football league. 16 team leagues will mess up both basketball and football.

My only reservation is if every league becomes 16 members except the SEC then we might be on the outside looking in.