Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Year-End SEC Awards Announced

John Jenkins named to the All-Freshmen Team.

You can track the announcements at SECSports.com, as they are live-blogging the release as if it were a Vanderbilt basketball game (without the witty comments)

Jeffery Taylor named to the SEC All-Defensive team

A.J named 2nd Team All-SEC, joining Jeffery Taylor

John Jenkins picks up Sixth Man of the Year Award. Congratulations, makes sense, but I'm a little surprised.

Dolla Beal named 1st Team All-SEC

SHOCKER: Kevin Stallings named SEC Coach of the Year

Congratulations are in order for all those honored.


Douglas James said...
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Douglas James said...

Not surprised that Cousins gets Freshman of the year but Wall gets player of the year. Big ups to CKS well deserved coach of the year. Surprised AJ got 2nd team.

Seamus O'Toole said...

I'm pleased and not really surprised that CKS got coach of the year. UK may be young but we are too, and between taking on the sketchy AAU showcase system and shelling out $100k for the team to go to Australia, Stallings was ripe for this award before the season even started. Everyone had Kentucky in their top 5 to start the year, but there were naysayers on Vandy that predicted us at the bottom of the division. He can be really frustrating, but I think CKS has definitely earned this.

Anonymous said...

Vandy was picked 4th in the East in the preseason, which probably equates to like 6th in the SEC as a total. UK was picked first. Vandy battled UK to the final weekend and finished 2nd, far out performing expectations. UK was picked first and finished first, the only way Cal could have won the COY was to go undeafeated.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Also I have to say I'm really happy for Jermaine Beal. The fact that the coaches selected him unanimously to the first team demonstrates the respect that he has earned throughout the conference. There is no way we are where we are right now without Dolla -- congrats to him on an outstanding senior season.

Douglas James said...

Parrish calling out Pearl and Calapari on his twitter feed huh? While I can understand why coaches don't like Calipari, I wonder why they don't like Pearl? Granted I have never met the man but I find him very likable (love when he is on PTI....I know its puke orange but I just enjoy him as a guest). Then again I remember watching a story on him about being an informant for the NCAA back in the day. Does the coaching fraternity still hold a grudge?

Bobby O'Shea said...

Pearl has a bad repuatation because he allegedly turned in other programs for recruiting violations along the way.