Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Josh Henderson has HUGE Game

There was some talk in my earlier thread about Josh Henderson. I like that both Seamus and I have players coming in from our own respective home areas (Henderson for Seamus and Odom for me). He is a big time center prospect and really just needs to fill out. He has the skills to play the position. Could only help to learn at the feet of AJ and Festus next year. Here is an article about his most recent game.

Oh also here is an article about UNC talking about how their year has fallen apart and they knew it was going to be tough the minute they stepped on the court and played VANDY in that super secret scrimmage earlier in the season. I generally route for UNC (I despise Duke) but I get some satisfaction out of this. Sorry Dr. MZ.


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Anonymous said...

Awesome story about Vandy playing UNC. I'm going to put that up on OpenDores right now (don't worry, I'll give you guys credit for bringing it to my attention).