Saturday, March 6, 2010

VSL Gets You Ready: South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt

VSL Nation apologizes for the belated and brief preview, but Seamus and Bobby had a date with a legal ethics exam this morning, and yours truly is trying to enjoy the last free week of his life here at the beach with the soon-to-be Mrs. Stanimal.

South Carolina comes to Vandy for the last game of the year where Jermaine Beal and managers Sam Ferry and Justin Wheeler will be honored on Senior Day. South Carolina comes in on a 6 game slide after a difficult loss to Alabama at home on Wednesday. That fact, however, does not make Devan Downey any less dangerous. Despite the team's overall malaise over the past few weeks, Downey is doing anything and everything to get his team back over the top. Downey is averaging 23.3 ppg, as well as an impressive 2.8 steals per game. Given that this is his last college basketball game, the electric playmaker is dying to finish his season with at least a win. The Commodores, however, understand the importance of this game to their seeding, as they demonstrated in beating a desperate Florida team on the road on Tuesday. If the 'Dores are to have a shot at a 2-seed in the tournament, they must keep pace with the other candidates such as Purdue and New Mexico. This means getting us to 13-3 in conference and performing admirably in the SEC Tournament.

This game is important for the 'Dores, and is important for yours truly's bragging rights. Additionally, if Florida could go into Rupp and pull off the unthinkable upset, Vanderbilt would be co-champs of the SEC East with Kentucky, a nice feather in the cap of an already amazing season.

Go Dores!

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Anonymous said...

Shocked people are laying this one at AJs feet, yeah he missed a gimme thta we could have used but he was the only one even trying in the second half when he finally came back off the bench, his energy was what keyed our comeback. Definitely thought Beal's all to predictable missed attempt to answer Downey's three in a 3pt game without even looking to run offense was a much bigger killer. what is AJ supposed to do if no one even looks inside?