Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vandy Hires New Defensive Coach, First All-SEC Team I have Seen So Far

Vandy has hired a new defensive coach. Mike Pelton will take over coaching Defensive Ends. This means Bruce Fowler will move to Linebackers, replacing former LB coach and recruiting coordinator Warren Belin who left to take the same position w/ Georgia. Here is the story from

Also here is Yahoo Sport's Jason King's All Conference selections.;_ylt=ApXqqU5_fOL5zmKHAuFo2QPevbYF?slug=jn-confcall030410&prov=yhoo&type=lgns
1) I have no problem with his selections for 1st, 2nd or 3rd team. I just don't see how Beal could jump into the first team with all the individual talent there. Taylor prob deserves to be 2nd team also but when your only selecting 5 guys I understand (apparently in the real thing ties are allowed so you often end up with 6 or 7 guys on 1st team). Agree that AJ shouldn't be on any of the teams. Just too inconsistent in a year where the SEC has a ton of excellent big men.
2) Just my personal opinion but I think Cousins is the Freshman of the Year over Wall. Everyone is obsessed with Wall but Cousins has a bigger impact game to game. He might be a tad immature but the kid is an absolute BEAST!!!!!!!
3) Calapari as coach of the year? I guess. I mean I think he is recruiter of the year but I honestly think our own CKS should get coach of the year. I haven't seen anyone giving him the credit he deserves (besides us of course hahaha).
4) Jenkins 6th man of the year. Fine but he isn't a 6th man anymore. Sorry but this kid is a starter for the next few years starting a couple games ago.
5) Travis Leslie, Most Improved. Well I don't know what he looked like last year but this kid has some re-donkulous dunks. Just INSANE!!!!


Slimbo said...

"In 2007, Pelton's pupils helped the Cyclone rush defense jump from 12th to sixth in the Big 12 conference."

Now that's the kind of sweet, sweet mediocrity I can get behind. Then again, I think we're all agreed that D hasn't been the problem lately.

Douglas James said...

Hahahahaha. Well played. I'm more curious who is going to be the recruiting coordinator (and who is fixing the offense)

Tom M said...

Stallings should definitely be SEC COY. Is anyone really wowed that Calipari can get a team loaded with NBA talent to a 1 game lead in the SEC?

I do agree that Cousins should be Frosh of the Year despite his mental imbalance.