Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Road to the SEC Championship Begins

Yes, I said it.

I said SEC Championship because our half of the bracket leaves no excuses for us to not be in the final game against Tennessee/Kentucky.

Kentucky, despite being the #1 overall seed, has to deal with the third best team in the SEC on its road to the big show. Our road is no slouch with potentially dangerous teams like Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi State, and Florida, but it is certainly better than meeting up with the Vols on the way.

This isn't about looking too far ahead; this is about doing what the second best team in the SEC should do. With only three teams out of the SEC in the big dance right now, we should be able to handle the half of the bracket where we're the only one who's punched our ticket.

Forget the South Carolina loss. It's not a sign of doom. This team went 6-2 on the road in SEC play. They play as well, if not better, on the road than they do at home. They haven't lost consecutive games since the turnaround week after Illinois and Western Kentucky. They have week in, and week out, won games that others have said they shouldn't have.

If anything, it's fueled the fire for this squad, just as each loss this season has done. It's brought the rally 'stache back out for AJ. It's got this team fired up to play.

It's got this team hungry for an SEC championship. As a player, if you don't think you're the best team in the conference, you never will be.

The Commodores can win this thing because they are confident and talented. They may have ended the season on a sour note, but they still finished with 12 wins and were 6-2 on the road in conference. As this team's motto goes: "Anytime, anywhere."

People wants to give this title to Kentucky outright. Kentucky doesn't even want it. You slip up in conference tournaments by not taking them seriously.

Well if Cal and his squad of one and dones don't want it, we'll be happy to take it. If it has to be at the expense of a third match-up with the Cats, then so be it.

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Seamus O'Toole said...

As if this excellent post from Stanimal wasn't enough to get them fired up, the Commodores need look no further for inspiration than our own regular commenter Vandy-Montana. His/her hometown Grizzlies, holding true to V-M's prediction in this space less than one week ago, came from behind to upset Weber State in the Big Sky tournament, earning themselves a conference title and a trip to the Big Dance. Rallying his team from a 22 points behind, Montana's Anthony Johnson put on a ridiculous performance, scoring 42 points (34 of which came in the second half), and finishing the game by scoring his team's last 21 points. In the words of that guy from Wayne's World, "unreal."