Monday, March 1, 2010

Joe Lunardi Gets My Attention

In his weekly chat on Joe Lunardi piqued my interest with 2 answers.

1) Matt (Nashville) Any chance Tennessee could land a 2 seed if they win out and take the SEC tournament?

Joe Lunardi (3:27 PM)
Possible, Matt. That would make for a really impressive resume for the Vols.

First off I am annoyed that someone from Nashville is asking a Vols question. I know I should be used to it by now but still irks me. Second interesting that this is a possibility. Say both Vandy and UT win out and meet in the SEC tournament in the championship game (they would probably have to beat UK again). Would the winner get a 2 seed? I understand UT would have an impressive resume but how could a team who probably finished 3rd in their division get a 2 seed? Not to mention I don't see them beating UK a 2nd time. I also don't see us getting a 2 seed unless we win every game left AND beat UK (unless all the teams ahead of us FALL APART)

2) JRice (Nashville, TN)
I live in Nashville and follow Vanderbilt closely- we always seem to have to fight the perception vs. reality thing with the 'Dores- even when they're really good, nobody believes it...I see that this week you have them as a 3- which I think is spot on. Having said that- I think this years Commodore team is the best I've seen yet- why do you think they lack for respect nationally???

Joe Lunardi (3:46 PM)
I don't get into the whole "respect" (or "lack of respect") thing. If a team is good enough to play its way into the NCAA field, they control their own destiny -- and recognition -- from that point forward.

I don't understand his answer here. The fact that you control your own destiny has nothing to do with whether you get National attention and "proper" respect. What I THINK JRice was saying was besides going to a Final Four what does Vandy have to do to get the national attention that teams like UT, Pittsburgh, Kansas State among others seem to get despite having similar resumes? At this point in the season many teams have similar accomplishments to Vandy yet get much more recognition. Is this because we aren't in a big enough media market? (NOPE), have too small a fan base? (possibly), have burned the national media before? (possible).

Eh whatever. I just want to kick Florida in the teeth, demolish USC, Win the SEC tourney and go to a Final Four. That's not much to ask is it?


Anonymous said...

I can see what Lunardi is saying about the lack of respect talk. It seems as though all fan bases feel like they don't get the proper respect. For instance, I have seen Notre Dame fans complaining about the lack of respect in football. However, I think most fans would argue that ND is perennially overrated.

For more egregious disrespect, BYU is ranked 14/15; right in the heart of 4-seed land. However, guys like Jerry Palm have them as a 6 seed. Seriously...

Anonymous said...

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Douglas James said...

Wow spam in a different alphabet. AWESOME! I guess what I am saying is stuff like Gary Parrish. Just watched the UF/Vandy preview on CBS Sportsline. Parrish picks Florida. Not that this is a bad pick but it seems like the "experts" are constantly picking against us. Anyway can't wait for tomorrows game.