Friday, February 5, 2010

VSL Hotline: At Least It's Not Snowing in Nashville, Edition

I'll have a UGA preview up later today or tomorrow depending on when Georgia and Vanderbilt's SID's post the Game Notes. In the meantime, you'll have to settle for Mo Patton dipping his toe back into the world of Vanderbilt sports in today's Tennessean highlighting the meteoric rise of Mike Minor, and how the former Commodore could very well break into Atlanta's starting rotation this season.

Speaking of former Vanderbilt ace's, David Boclair has a great story in the Nashville Scene on David Price, and his attempts to avoids the traps that have befallen many a professional athlete.

Finally, a great piece in today's New York Times by David Brooks about college sports and what it means to Americans. Championing it's virtues, despite it's excesses, there's something that resonnants about his observations for the prespective of someone who loves his team and his school to the point of absurbity.

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