Thursday, February 4, 2010

Signing Day Recap and Articles

For those of you who haven't checked it out already, here is the list of New Commies:

Here's my uninformed opinion on who are the most important recruits coming in.

1) Vince Taylor, Kyle Woestmann, Jared Morse, James Kittredge - DT's. I know I know I'm cheating on the first one by naming 4 guys but we signed 4!!!!!! excellent DT prospects. Can you believe that? This is a huge development in my opinion. While it may not be the sexiest signing it could be the most important development of this class. I would love to be able to dominate the line of scrimmage w/ an imposing D-line.

2) Jordan Rodgers - QB: Sorry but our QB's just haven't gotten it done since Jay left. He comes in with good starting experience (at a solid Junior college program) and I'm going to say it right now I think he ends the season as the starting QB (and not cause of injury to L. Smith hopefully).

3) Chris Boyd - WR: Everyone knows we need help at this position. Boyd stands at 6'4. Would love to see him and Brady Brown from last year dominate the CB's who are all going to be much shorter. We are always going to have a hard time getting WR's who are ridiculous athletes so I think its a good plan to have big guys who know how to shield their body from smaller DB's in order to make catches. Plus with the running game we are putting together we need big Red zone targets.

4) Carey Spear - K: How many times has this team been saved/burned by its kicking game? It seems to happen all the time right? We need a good kicker and a good punter and we might have both in this kid. Put him together w/ Ryan Fowler and our special teams are that much better.

5) Rajaan Bennett - RB: First ever Rivals 250 player signed by Vandy. Big, physical runner who seems to have all the intangibles. If our O-line is not a complete disaster this year I think we could have a scary good running game.

Here are some articles about Vandy's signing day and recruits:
1) Overall Tennessean article:
2) local kid Fitz Lassing gets last minute offer:
3) Went 1 for 2 on these kids:
4) Jerry Rice's Cousin:
5) Hahaha. I love the picture in this article about Jared Morse.
6) High school teammates become rivals.
7) Cobb county, Georgia renamed "Vanderbilt South"
8) So he thinks just by going to Vanderbilt he can get a job anywhere? I went to Vandy then to law school and I can't get a job. What me bitter? No not at all.

That should help everyone with an actual job make it till 5pm correct?

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Unknown said...

I feel your pain. I'm thinking of going back to school for a paralegal degree just so I can get my foot in the door. After a year (or so), when the senior partners are so impressed by my work that they offer to put me through law school I'll spring the good news on 'em. "Save your money, I'm already bar certified!"

There's one not covered in the MPRE.